The most efficient air and magnetic separation technology in today’s market

Ecohog manufactures the most efficient air and magnetic separation technology in today’s market. Specialists in separation of waste or organic material by density, Ecohog proudly produce a Windshifter, AirHog retro fitted vac system, semi-mobile Picking Stations, scrap metal downstreams and more. Units are available as standalone or integrated with existing machinery, are available as mobile or static and incorporate low energy consumption, low noise levels and low dust emissions. All at an affordable price.

Ecohog Product Range

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We are the exclusive suppliers of Ecohog products in Australia for a wide range of applications.

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Ecohog Mobile Separation

Mobile Equipment

From mobile air separation technology to mobile picking stations, find out more.

Ecohog Magnetic Separation

Magnetic Separation

Ecohog magnetic separation solutions used for resource recovery, product purification and plant protection.

Vacuum Air Suction

Air Density Separation

The Ecohog EH-81 Airhog is an air density (suction) separator system used within the Scrap metal, Wood waste, Construction and Demolition, Commercial and Industrial, and Municipal Solid Waste industries.

Scrap Recovery Downstream

Air Density Separation, Customised Components, Downstream, Turnkey Plants

The Recon-Q scrap recovery downstream is equipped with unique features offering scrap processors a revolutionary machine to maximise ferrous metal recovery.

Mobile Eddy Current Separator

Magnetic Separation

The unique HogMag Mobile Eddy Current Separator (THM ECS- 2000) from Ecohog incorporates a 22-pole High Gauss Eddy Current Separator with a fully mobile crawler track chassis.

Picking Stations

Air Density Separation

The innovative EQS-1200SM-3 Quality Station incorporates a dual action Airhog blower and suction fan for two stage super light fraction removal of fluff, paper, plastic etc.


Air Density Separation

Incorporating air technology, the Ecohog Tracked Windshifter (EH1500-TWS) facilitates fraction separation based on desired density.

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