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Whatever your requirements in conveyors, from belt and screw to air conveyors, from bulky waste to step feeders and rotary, we’ve got a custom solution for your business. High quality and affordable.

Custom Machinery and Conveyors

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JONO Turnkey or Custom Plant Solutions


Custom design, manufacture and installation of custom components or turnkey plant solutions.

JONO Conveyors


Stable and reliable when dealing with solid wastes. Wear-resistance and impact-resistant. Environmental friendly options as can be enclosed when conveying. Equipped with the dust collecting interface. Multiplex protective shield for operator protection.

WENDT Turnkey Plant Solutions


WENDT offers a complete design, engineering, manufacture and installation service.

WENDT Downstream


WENDT offers a full range of sensor-based separation systems for advanced metal recovery applications.

Hammel Processing Plants

Hammel Recyclingtechnik

Find information on Hammel Waste, Metal and Wood Processing Plants here.

Scrap Recovery Downstream


The Recon-Q scrap recovery downstream is equipped with unique features offering scrap processors a revolutionary machine to maximise ferrous metal recovery.

Customised Screening Solutions


Hexpert is the customized turnkey screening system based on a modular design of the Hexact stationary screen and on the efficiency of Ecostar screening technologies.

Static Hexact Dynamic Disc Screen


Hexact is the stationary screen with a modular structure designed to separate the most difficult materials while providing high performance, high quality of separation, a small footprint, and low power consumption.

Mobile Hextra Dynamic Disc Screen


A highly efficient machine designed for those in need of the operational flexibility provided by a mobile solution combined with the high performance of DDS (Dynamic Disc Screening) technology.

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